Monday, July 16, 2012

Short update about my dad's visit with the oncologist, and his last chemo treatment.

Hello! All of this was written while my dad was getting his infusion. I am too exhausted to re-write it here so I am copying and pasting it here.

Well we just finished talking with his oncologist.
He wants to do another PET scan in two weeks. My dad has been having severe stomach pain and he wants to see if there is any new tumor growth anywhere else, primarily his abdomen/stomach. If there is he and my dad will decide the next course of action.
This is his last Yervoy dose. The Dr said it could take up to two months to see any improvement though. He is very tired and his head hurts from surgery but he has a great attitude. He is also going to see a neurologist about meds for seizures and his hand that moves on it's own, and he should be hearing from his radiologist about when he will start radiation on his brain where the new tumor was removed.
And last but not least if he can stay tumor free in his brain for 3 months he will be eligible for a phase 1 clinical trial new pill for melanoma-but he won't be eligible if he gets any new brain mets in the next 3 fear is that he won't be alive by then :( 

Melanoma is horrible. Just horrible.

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