Friday, July 6, 2012

Remicade Rundown

Everything went well today! I had no adverse reactions to the Remicade and it took 3 hours! My second loading dose is in 2 weeks on July 19th, and my third loading dose is on August 16th! I am SO exhausted from the infusion, and that’s supposed to be normal. After I post this I am going to go to bed! Tomorrow I should expect some flu-like symptoms, headache, joint pain, fatigue, and that’s about it! I am so hopeful that this medication will be the one that puts me into remission. I felt bad for the RN who had to start my IV and hook up the Remicade bag. Because it is mixed in the pharmacy with other toxic chemotherapy drugs, she had to put on a full length paper gown, as well as a face mask and gloves. The Remicade itself isn't that toxic, but you never know what's on the exterior of the made me a little nervous lol. Everybody at the infusion center today I met was extremely friendly, compassionate, knowledgeable, and nice! I have no complaints, other than the facility could use a little more sprucing up. I had a private room with a flat screen and cable! So that was nice! Here are a few pics from my first infusion! Have a good night, everybody!
Gotta love IV's!

Remicade in all its glory!

After the infusion! Do I look Crohn's-free yet?

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