Monday, July 30, 2012

My dad, My hero

This is the last photo we took together. I had to edit it because it was so dark. Now we just look red lol.

I love you dad, so so much. You’re my hero. The best dad anybody could ever hope to have. Thank you for everything you taught me and gave me. Thank you for your never-ending love, support, friendship, and advice.

He fought his melanoma so hard and in the end, it was blood clots that took his life, but he fought during that battle too. The doctor's and nurses who have worked at OHSU for over 20 years all said that they have NEVER seen somebody as sick as my dad who was able to talk, let alone joke around and carry a conversation. They said it was a miracle he wasn't in a coma until his heart stopped. That's my daddy for ya-always beating the odds and fighting. He will be missed by everyone who ever met him. I love him so much.

I miss you so much, dad. There aren't enough words to express that.

RIP Scott Stewart


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