Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quick updates: My dad and my Remicade!

I had my first remicade infusion today! It went really well!! It last 3 hours and I had no side effects other than fatigue and a minor headache. My next infusion is on the 19th. I had to go by myself today which sucks, but I had a tv, a private room, and my laptop so it all worked out!

I just wanted to briefly update you all on my dad's Melanoma appointment today. His oncologist and radiologist have discovered that the tumor in his leg (initially thought to be on his fibula in his right leg) is actually located inside of the bone, which is NOT good. His doctors have decided that aggressive and rapid radiation is the best course of action, so Mon-Fri next week he will be receiving 20 mins of radiation at OHSU. This will cause him more pain, more swelling, and it may not work. Surgery to remove the tumor is not an option unless it is an amputation. My dad is also having a chest x-ray done next week to look at his lungs, and he is finishing his chemo on the 16th as planned. Please continue sending us your prayers, support, well-wishes and love. We need it right now. Thank you. 

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