Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Round 1 of chemo is finished! 3 more to go...

Well dad's first chemo treatment was yesterday and went pretty well. It took FOREVER it seemed like...I think just around 3 hours. The staff there are SO nice and amazing and caring. Truly special people. His next round of treatment is May 29th.

He also saw his neurologist this morning and the neurologist told him that he will have to wait 6 months to drive, but being a Stewart he is already going shopping today. I am so irritated. He knows he's not supposed to because of the seizures but he's willing to risk it. He could harm himself or hurt another family if he seizes while driving. It's just frustrating. I don't mind letting him know how unhappy I am about it either. It just irritates me to no fucking end!!!!

Anyways, that's all I have on the updates for now. I'm doing well! The new meds I am taking are helping my Crohn's which I am so happy about!

Have a great week, everybody!!

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