Friday, May 4, 2012

Can this nightmare end already?

Today has been awful.

 My dad was taken to the hospital via ambulance this morning from his work. He was shaking and incoherent and he fell to the ground while working. The hospital did an MRI and CT scan. He was awake and coherent when my mom and I got there, talking and making jokes. He had a seizure, which is common after brain surgeries. The scans didn't show any new tumors on his brain, so the dr thinks his seizure was from the leftover spots where the tumors in his brain were. He got IV Dilantin (anti-convulsant) and they gave him a prescription for it per his neurosurgeon's orders. He will have to take it every night to prevent more seizures. He's not allowed to drive for the time being.

He's doing alright now. He's very sore and very tired, so he is at home resting. We talked to his next-door neighbor and she will check in on him every day or so if we aren't able to make it out. I am going to be moving in with him later next week. He's not in any position to be living alone at this point, especially if he can't drive. Kim (my sister) refuses to do it since she just moved in with her boyfriend so I am going to. I am just so stressed and exhausted mentally and emotionally and physically. He will still be starting chemo on Monday as planned so hopefully the Dilantin will help as will the chemo.

I just need like...a stiff drink and a cigarette haha.

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