Saturday, April 7, 2012

Random Survey Just Because I'm Bored.

1. Name, please:
Melissa S.

2. Approximate Age?
I am exactly 25 years old.

3. Are you happy in your life?
I am happy with most of my life! I think there are things I'd, my dad's health, my own health.

4. Do you feel like anything is missing? If so, what do you want?
Haha I think my bank account is missing some digits ;) I just want more time with my father. I want him to be healthy and to live a very long, full life. My dad is almost 58...that's very young. I want him to die of old age when he's 80 or 90, not from melanoma when he's not even 58 yet. It just isn't fair.

5. Do you plan on being a musician/artist/writer?
Nope! I mean, I do write, but it's nothing I want to do professionally. I do it privately and personally. Nobody would read any books I'd come up with lol.

6. Do you think you are artistic?
I think everybody is artistic in their own ways! I write, and sometimes draw, but not very well. My artistic abilities lie deep in my imagination where nobody else can see.

7. Have you ever tried hard drugs?

8. If so, have they changed your life?

9. What age would you like to die?
I have no idea. When I'm old and sleeping.

10. Would you let your kids smoke weed?
I wouldn't "let" them meaning give them the weed, and I wouldn't want them to be stoners or think it's okay to do recreationally, but I certainly won't get angry if they do it a few times here and there.

11. Are you an angry person?
I can be!

12. Do you laugh a lot, but don’t really mean it?
No, I always mean it when I laugh!

13. Do you like to think you are popular?
Um...yes and no. I don't have a lot of friends but a lot of people know me!

14. Describe your most terrifying dream.
I'd rather not.

15. What band would you die to see live?
The Ataris again...Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac

16. How would you like to die?
Old and in my sleep, thanks.

17. What’s your opinion on self-mutilation?
I think it's an unhealthy way for people to deal with pain or depression.

18. Do you believe in capitalism?
Um....what do you mean by 'believe'?

19. Communism?
I believe it that what you mean?

20. Libertarianism?
These are dumb.

21. Would you rather be an anarchist or a socialite?
Socialite for sure! I can still be myself and be a socialite!

22. Freedom of speech or controlled society?
Freedom of speech, of course!

23. Obama or Bush?
Obama, duh!

24. Would you consider yourself intelligent?
In some ways, yes.

25. When was the last time you cried?
Today. Everyday.

26. When was the last time you laughed?
Earlier today.

27. Who is your last text from?

28. What did it say?
Just that she is going to a Timbers game tonight!

29. Ever had your ass kicked?

30. What’s your middle name?

31. Single or taken?
Taken, and very happy :)

32. If taken, do you love this person?
Yes! We are very much in love!

33. If single, what are you looking for in someone?

34. Sex or love?

35. Who is your best friend?
Danielle and RJ :)

36. Why is this person your best friend?
Danielle has been there for me through thick and thin. She always has the most amazing advice and has such a huge heart. RJ I've known for 8 years and have loved him for just as long. He's just the greatest man I know.

37. Are you moody?

38. Are you depressed?
Not really depressed in a clinical way.

39. What do you think of abortion?
I believe it is a woman's right to choose.

40. Are you in a good mood today?
I'm not in a necessarily bad mood....

41. If not, why are you not?
Lots of reasons.

42. Are you afraid of the swine flu?

43. Are you afraid to be yourself?

44. What would you label yourself?
Totally awesome.

45. Do you live with your parents?
I do, but it's not too bad.

46. How many siblings do you have?
2 sisters and 1 step brother

47. Do you wear skinny jeans?
Yes, sometimes

48. Are you emo?

49. Are you aware that all emo kids look exactly the same?

50.Are you a hater?
I can be haha

51. Are you anti-racist?
I am against racism, yes.

52. Explain your personality in 3 words.
Deep, funny, lovely

53. What do you wish your name was?
I like my name

54. How old do you want to be when you get married?
Heh...well...hopefully by the time I'm 30!

55. What do you want to name your kids?
Delilah for a girl and probably something with the middle name 'Scott' or 'William' after my dad.

56. What kind of hairstyle do you want?
I can have any hairstyle I want...I wear wigs lol

57. When was the last time you brushed your teeth?

58. What are you wearing right now?
Yoga pants and a t-shirt

59. Say something random.
Parking Wars is a great show.

60. What do you wear to bed?

61. What color is your underwear?

62. Am I getting too personal?

63. What’s your view on nihilism?
Life always has meaning!

64. Pacifism?
I believe in peace, always.

65. Do you think the drug culture is misunderstood?

66. Are you a fan of Hunter S Thompson?
He's alright.

67. Do you read literature?

68. Do you love horror movies?
Horror is my favorite genre!

69. What’s your favourite one?
Hmm...I have so many!

70. Do you like comedies?

71. Are you a smoker?
On occasion

72. Do you smoke cigars/cigarillos?

73. Do you have anger problems?

74. Do you know someone who has a mental illness?
Yes, several.

75. Have you had someone close to you die of cancer?
Yes, too many unfortunately. My father is currently dying from melanoma.

76. What do you want to be next Halloween?
I want RJ and I to do our Friday the 13th idea! He'll go as Jason and I'll go as a slutty camp counselor lol

77. What grade are you in?
I'm not

78. When do you graduate?
2005 lol

79. Do you talk to yourself?
All the time!

80. What color are your toenails?

81. Has anyone ever told you you have a nice smile?

82. Nice eyes?

83. Ever broken a bone?
Not yet!

84. Got a black eye?

85. Nose bleed?

86. Ever been so mad you cried?
Many many times

87. What’s your favourite quote?
"Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same"-Emily Bronte.

88. Are you listening to anything right now?
Just the tv

89. What are you addicted to?
Texting, facebook, soda.

90. Do you like silver hair?

91. Would you ever fight a famous boxer?

92. Could you take on kimbo slice?

93.Can you even fist fight?
Not really

94. Do you work out?
I do yoga and pilates

95. Are you in good physical condition?
Um....yes and no

96. Do you get creeped out by puppets?

97. If you could be any celebrity by one day, who would you be?
Britney Spears or Demi Lovato

98. Do you have any phobias?
Spiders, the dark, ivy, pencils.

99. Ever been mauled by a wild animal?
Yes, a kangaroo. Seriously

100. Do you think you could be a Suicide Girl?

101. What about a playboy bunni?

102. Are you an insomniac?
I can be

103. Do you take birth control?
Yes, implanon-the best birth control in the entire world!

104. Are these questions pointless?
Some of them, but I'm bored so it's all good.

105. Favourite color?
Purple, green, yellow

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