Saturday, April 14, 2012

Help me raise money for a plane ticket AND to donate to AIM!

As some of you may have seen, I am registered to walk in a 5k being held by Aim at Melanoma. AIM is a cancer research organization committed to increasing support for melanoma research; promoting prevention and education; and providing comprehensive resources for patients, survivors, and caregivers. We aren't required to do any fundraising for the event, but what good is just walking in the 5k going to do? That's where you all come in. Half of my Mary Kay sales will be donated to this wonderful organization. 

My goal is to raise $600 and donate half. If 10 of you, right now, decide to purchase $60 worth of product, I'd be at my goal! That's as easy as purchasing a couple Mother's Day sets, or buying the Timewise Miracle Set. If 20 of you purchase $30 worth of product, I'll be at my goal as well! You can get a couple lip glosses, mascaras, the Satin Hands set (PERFECT for Mother's Day), some foundation/powder, a TON of beautiful eye shadows, lip liners, etc. It's super easy, and it not only benefits you but it benefits a wonderful organization as well. 

And what will the second half of that $600 I am trying to earn go toward? It will help buy a plane ticket for me to fly out with my dad to Pennsylvania to visit his brothers and sisters (my uncles and aunts) since he can't afford to buy my plane ticket himself. Please consider making a purchase and if you do, let me know what it is you'd like! Thank you SO much and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!! My personal site is:

And if you are interested in joining the walk on May 12th in Portland, here is the walk page with all of the information you could possibly want and need!!! Have a fabulous weekend!

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