Thursday, October 4, 2012

Don't Look Away

loveisrespect “Text for Help” service is the nation’s first such program designed to help young people develop healthy dating relationships... and Mary Kay® is the lead sponsor! The resource is safe & anonymous so if you know someone who needs help, send the text “loveis” to 77054. 

Please read the link below! It has some incredible information and if any of you are in an unhealthy/abusive/unsafe relationship this is a great starting resource to get you help! You are NOT alone. Please get help. If you need anybody to talk to confidentially, you can always come to me as well. I promise to help you and keep it between us. You can be safe, and you deserve REAL love. Please don't hesitate to use the resources in the link below (or you can text the number above to receive anonymous help), or you can email me anytime at: and I can help you find help and peer-to-peer counsel you if you need it, confidentially. You all deserve REAL love, not love that hurts. You also deserve to be safe. Let me help you.

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