Monday, June 25, 2012

3rd Infusion down, 1 more to go!

Well I am home from OHSU. The doctor appointment went well for the most part. My dad's leg is extremely swollen and the dr wasn't SUPER concerned with my dad's coughing/lungs right now, because he said that after the final infusion of yervoy (#4) it takes about a month later for it to kick in and do its magic, so after the next and last infusion we'll start seeing results, or we won't. After that time they may decide to do radiation on the leg tumor, but the radiation can cause more swelling in the ankle and it's already EXTREMELY swollen and they don't want to make my father immobile or wheelchair-bound, so we are sort of just going to play the waiting game and see what the chemo does.

Infusion #3 went well today. We just hung out and talked and made fun of infomercials and people on the streets. My uncle flies home tomorrow which sucks but it was nice having him visit for a week!!

My dad has a brain MRI in July as well as the last infusion. July is going to be a busy, stress-inducing month. I don't really have much more to update on! Dad is in a great mood but his leg is so swollen it's really concerning me. It's probably triple the size of his normal leg. It's so bad :( Thank you all for your continued support! It truly means so much to my family and I. 

On another note, I should be starting Remicade soon! It's the only medication I haven't tried for my Crohn's and it has a high success rate for remission. I am very excited! I have to get a PPD test done this week and then I should be able to start next week! YAY!! It's an infusion, a lot like chemo, so I have to sit in an infusion center for 3-4 hours while it gets pumped into my blood stream which is totally fine if it puts me in remission!!!

I hope everybody has a great week! I'll keep you posted on the remicade and my dad's health!!

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