Saturday, May 11, 2013

AIM for a cure Melanoma 5k

Today was the day I walked in honor of my amazing father, Scott Stewart. I was given the opportunity to say a little something about my dad and his fight with melanoma. Here are a few photos from the amazing event, as well as the speech I gave. It was a beautiful day and I felt his spirit here with all of us!!!

    Mom and I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle and I before the walk!

Me, Brandy and Chrissy hanging out!!!!

Crystelle and I!!!!

Katie and I (she is the amazing organizer of the event, as well as the blogger of Pretty In Pale!)

Danielle, Crystelle, and I! Crystelle did a beautiful job on the filtering!

My beautiful mom and I before the walk!!!

Thank you all for the support for the walk, your donations, and your words of encouragement! The last nine months have been hard but I know he's with us, in our hearts, and loving all of the good we are doing to help raise awareness for this disease! Let's keep fighting!!!!

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