Friday, March 8, 2013

Post-op Update

So now that I'm a little less drugged here's what went down:
Basically everything went pretty well. Not a lot of new endometriosis growths (which means that the Lupron shots I was getting worked), but my right ovary was stuck to my small intestines from adhesions, so he got that fixed, removed more adhesions, and put some extra water around my uterus and ovaries to keep the adhesions away and to keep them from forming since I've been getting them so much lately. I'm EXTREMELY sore and swollen. they listened to me for once and used steri-strips instead of the dermabond (liquid stitches I am highly allergic to) so it's freaking me out lol. They look like they aren't going to hold things together very well but they are so far! They'll fall off on their own in a matter of a week or so. I only have two incisions (instead of my usual 3-4). One is in my bellybutton and the other is straight down below above my pubic bone, where my low-rise panties hit. But that's pretty much it! I'm very tired. I slept most of yesterday and missed a couple doses of pain meds so I am feeling pretty lousy just trying to catch up! I hope you all  are doing well!!!!!!

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